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Touch-point volume analysis

PlanVault has enabled FMCG businesses to have an unprecedented understanding of how unique shopper media touch-points perform however shopper campaigns are typically multi-touch-point executions. With this in mind, we’ve asked,

How does the volume of shopper touch-points implemented affect overall campaign performance?

Within Established brand campaigns, implementing 2 touch-points appears to deliver the highest % uplift with little variance seen when a third element is included.

With NPD activity, early indications suggest that the more touch-points included within your media laydown the higher the % uplift is likely to be. This pattern is likely to be driven by the fact that shoppers require higher levels of education and inspiration to generate strong conversion rates. Within both campaigns ROI reduces as more touch-points are added into the mix and overall cost per store increases.

PlanVault data correct as of 17th July 2018, 742 studies

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