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A deep dive into digital display

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Ella Rice, March 22

As technology has evolved within commerce marketing, so has the capabilities of highly targeted media. One of the most effective and increasingly popular ways to do this is through harnessing the power of digital, data driven media such as digital display. As a ‘newer’ type of commerce media, with in some cases, no direct relation to a retailer, it’s neither onsite nor in-store but targets shoppers at many different points within the journey.

Digital display media allows brands to harness the power of a number of data streams to target consumers based on lifestyle, demographics, interests, location and even device data. Pairing this rich data resource with store performance for a particular brand allows the media to be served to shoppers in proximity to high opportunity stores. This access to specific audience data allows us to target shoppers at critical points in their journey, whether that is when researching recipes online or browsing in-store resulting in less media wastage and efficient, precise targeting.

Digital Display Performance

Using our test vs. control methodology, we are able to measure the impact of digital display campaigns when the media is activated in proximity to stores. The results prove that the benefits of this media goes way beyond the targeting capabilities.

The below table shows the trending performance of digital display at an aggregated retailer level and individual retailer level, across the big four.


Cross Retailer





​FSKU % Uplift






​Brand ROI






Overall, we can see significant % uplift and a consistent pay out at brand when activating digital media across key retailers. The data in the table suggests that activating in larger retailers is more impactful at a brand level in comparison to the convenience nature of smaller stores such as, The Co-op.

Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO)

We can see digital display has extensive capabilities within targeting and proves to be a fruitful investment with strong returns in all retailers. With today's customer more distracted than ever, sophisticated advertisers need to cut through the noise by tailoring messaging. Digital display allows brands to go one step further from the granular targeting with dynamic creative that can tailor messaging, offers and creative based on customers interests, needs and circumstances.

By balancing creativity and data, DCO enables brands to take digital display further by leveraging variables to show bespoke targeting options, such as, time of day, weather, browser data, keywords and so much more.


Overall, we can see from trending benchmarks that harnessing the power of consumer data proves to drive significant returns on digital display media. Based on the capabilities and data, there are three key takeout's when considering digital display:

  • Activate digital display in large estate retailers in order to increase the likelihood of a positive pay-out at brand level.

  • Consider digital display as part of all commerce campaigns moving forward, specifically larger scale where budgets are less of a limitation.

  • Hold back test and learn budget in order to understand the capabilities of DCO and how you can leverage variables to maximise campaigns.

*Source – Plan-Apps SMG/Lobster technology. Data pulled 22nd February 22.

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