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Deliver and demonstrate an increasing ROI on your commerce marketing investment


With Plan-Apps, you are able to transform your commerce marketing with the power to plan, manage and measure campaigns like never before. With over 2,000 campaign evaluations analysed, Plan-Apps gives you unparalleled insight into what works and importantly, what doesn’t. This empowers teams across the FMCG industry to make better decisions, plan stronger campaigns and invest in exactly the right places.

Power at your fingertips to:

Plan Better

Build detailed commerce marketing plans from any desktop, by being able to plot impressions, predict uplift and calculate ROI for every touchpoint in any retailer.


Manage Effectively

Support effective campaign plans with efficient management. Track booking and artwork deadlines on interactive calendars, collaborate with colleagues, manage store lists and much more.

Store Securely

A cloud-based library stores all commerce marketing budgets, plans and evaluation securely. Save and track activations by cost, by retailer and by touchpoint to enable better sharing across teams.

Measure Better

Robustly evaluate performance of campaigns against a control using sales data. Measure all commerce marketing touchpoints, from digital banners to secondary space and understand the effects at SKU, brand and category level.

Learn Faster

Better decision-making starts by being in command of the information. Look at market trends, uplift effects and returns across the industry, to help to direct investment where it can generate the most powerful returns.

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