What we offer

Our work centres around three core areas; technology, trading & training.


Technology is changing every area of commerce and retail, but grocery is still dominated by instore trade, with e-commerce having only a 7.5% share (Kantar).


With most of the action taking place in stores, it’s vital to be able to form a coherent view of the shopper media landscape, from barkers to billboards.

Our web platform Plan-Apps, gives you and your team an unrivalled understanding of shopper marketing effectiveness. We can perform an independent control vs. exposed study of any activity in almost any retailer within 2 weeks of the activity ending. The study is viewable from the cloud and forms part of an evolving library of data and insight that your team can access over time.

Perhaps even more importantly, it gives you access to the anonymised trend data from SMG’s total campaign database - over 2,000+ studies and growing rapidly.

Even the largest FMCGs struggle to learn quickly as there just aren’t enough campaigns in a year - with Plan-Apps, you can crowdsource insight and learn 10 times faster.

Watch the video below to find out more. 


Lobster’s media buying service puts your media bookings into a pool of over £2m per month of client spend.


It’s not just about getting better rates - although scale always has and always will ensure the most competitive pricing from media vendors. It’s about independent advice on media selection, seamless interaction with our measurement service, and crucially, a voice in your corner when activity doesn’t land as we want it to.

With the scale and frequency of Lobster campaigns, we are always on the phone to retailers and their media agencies, meaning problems can be resolved in a timely way, and your investment is kept accountable.


Shopper marketing is one of the least well-understood disciplines of marketing.


Whether it’s endless rule changes in retailers, measurement techniques or simply understanding the intense complexity of retailer media estates, we can help your team to learn and grow.

We can help your team to design, plan, execute and measure better campaigns through techniques that have been proven to work by some of the best-known brands in the industry.

We are particularly interested in helping sales and marketing teams to work closer together and engage successfully with customers to create winning plans, leveraging shopper investment to achieve secondary display.