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Driving understanding of touchpoint effectiveness across key global shopper markets


After a global audit into the current POS materials used, the findings were clear - market teams were investing in a broad range of activity across brands and channels however there was little understanding of the effectiveness of these activations. This means investment may be being wasted and returns across markets not being realised.


From that audit, the global team wanted to provide markets with more insight-led guidance on the touchpoints to use across off-trade activations.

Campaign highlight

Full cross-retail analysis across the shopper journey


Each piece of insight was supported by specific client case studies


To answer this brief, we separated the response into three distinct sections:


1. Objective-led planning: In this section, we dove into the importance of understanding and prioritising objectives, as well as detailing how we measure success against key KPIs

2. Media performance assessment: Here we looked into the top performing touchpoints by objectives, what combinations of touchpoints are most effective and at what point returns are diminished when combining multiple touchpoints

3. Impact of messaging: Once we’d deduced what touchpoints provided the best performance, we looked at the impact of messaging and other activation principles like seasonal events, running competitions and cross brand partnerships


The result of the above was not only a clear laydown of what touchpoints perform best per objective but clear insight into how best to activate and what messaging considerations and principles should be adhered to for best performance.

Campaign Statistics

worth of media evaluated in the Beer, Wine & Spirits category

trending ROI on a Brand level

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