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Image by Lucas Santos

Showing 2021 trends in shopper activation for a global FMCG.


Showcase key shopper activation trends for 2021 to support our client to develop best practices to take forward into the new year.

Campaign highlight

Identifying 4 Big Shopper Trends: 1. Growth in Convenience. 2. Impulse buys are affected due to pre-planning. 3. Out of home moments have changed. 4. Sustainability is more important than ever.


The first step was to conduct in-depth research into the shopper marketing landscape of 2020 to understand exactly how Covid-19 had influenced shopper trends, and in particular which emerging trends were here to stay.  As part of this work-stream we analyzed changes in UK shoppers' behaviours, FMCGs' marketing team budgets and retailers' corporate strategies to identify four big trends in FMCG.

Following our 'looking back' phase we considered each retailer's estate, new media opportunities and what we were seeing across FMCG categories in terms of innovative execution to date in 2021. 

Taken together, we worked to deliver clear recommendations to our client on where they should focus their shopper investment in the year ahead to unlock the greatest returns.

Campaign Statistics

of consumers cite convenience as the top reason for trying new places to shop.

projected grocery market (UK) value in 2021.

shoppers projected to spend more in 2021 on grocery shopping.

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