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Delivering category specific shopper strategies for an Ambient Grocery heavyweight.


Create a bespoke training resource, rich in Ambient Grocery media performance data to strategically direct choices on-going considering media investment and activation approaches i.e. support effective 'what’ and ‘how’ decisions in shopper.

Campaign highlight

5 in-store and online media channels were highlighted for priority investment per ‘product type’ investigated.


We first determined our analysis would look to understand shopper media performance across different ‘product types’ including supporting both ‘large’ and ‘small’ established brands, true innovation, range extensions and brand relaunch initiatives. 

From here, we agreed with the client priority KPIs for each type of campaign and ensured all recommendations laddered back to media performance against these KPIs.  To complete this project, Lobster embarked on a large-scale research initiative collating and analysing 400+ Ambient Grocery and 2000+ Grocery evaluations. 

KPIs reviewed included: ROI, % uplift, £ uplift/store, impressions, UPM (uplift-per-mille impressions) and CPM (cost-per-mille impressions). 

Campaign Statistics

Ambient Grocery shopper evaluations fed the project

Trending brand ROI within Ambient Grocery 

Trending featured sku % uplift within Ambient Grocery 


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