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Work Desk

Enabling portfolio specific shopper performance forecasts for a global FMCG


Create a business specific model to forecast the performance of various shopper media investment scenarios on a category basis.

Campaign highlight

The end tool, designed by the Lobster team is a live resource, routinely used by our client to ensure that data lies at the heart of all investment decisions in Shopper.  The data within the document is refreshed on a quarterly basis. 


Using our clients bank of 120 evaluated shopper campaigns as the base of our model, we looked to create a bespoke tool to forecast £ uplift and ROI considering various shopper media investment scenarios from a category, retailer and shopper journey perspective.  

Where the business' data alone was not robust enough to lean on, broader Plan-Apps data supported the model.  Where this was necessary, we ensured data reported was relevant to the client's portfolio, seeking where possible to be category aligned and relevant to brand base sales.

Campaign Statistics

client specific campaign specific evaluations feed into the model

incremental Plan-Apps studies support the model 

shopper team members trained to use the model

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