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Providing best practice guidance for shopper marketeers for a leading confectionery brand


Create one resource to house best practice guidance for shopper marketeers to support strategic and operational decision making within the business and streamline ways of working. 

Campaign highlight

The output of this project was one interactive learning resource, carefully designed using the brand's assets to balance visibility of digestible best practice guidance as well as more detailed commentary and supporting data points through internal and external links.


At the start of this project Lobster worked with the senior leadership team at our client to define the core topics within shopper marketing to articulate best practice guidance on. As part of this work-flow, our team facilitated work-shops with the senior leadership team to ensure there was internal alignment on the final topics included as well as how any current resource or best practice guidance held within the business was incorporated within the project.

Coming out from the work-shops six macro-topics were chosen for inclusion including 'Tailoring to retailers' and 'Proof of success.'  Lobster worked with Planning specialists within our parent company (The Shopper Media Group) to create the final training resource, embedding relevant data where appropriate from our evaluation database including total grocery and impulse specific shopper media performance benchmarks (1,400+ and 500+ evaluations respectively).

Campaign Statistics

Brand side work-shops facilitated

Learning resources consolidated

Interactive training resource provided

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