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Delivering cross-retail campaign planning and management for a cereal brand


Plan, buy, manage and evaluate a cross-retail shopper campaign to highlight a competition mechanic as a differentiation point within the competitive category.

Campaign highlight

9,000+ shoppers entered the brand's competition across the 6-week campaign duration, displaying high shopper engagement in competition mechanic. 


In order to land a competition message in-store it was important that the media we activated was brandable and there were no 'rules' around the media which restricted this messaging.  Further to this, high reach opportunities were considered as a priority to maximise the campaign’s visibility.  Before specific channels were recommended, we reviewed 50+ brand specific control versus exposed store studies to identify key learning to act on in this plan; 200+ broader 'cereals' studies were also reviewed to bolster our category understanding.  Media was activated both in-store and online and was targeted to known cereal shoppers, this enabled us to upweight engagement and minimise media wastage.  The final media plan was bought, managed and evaluated by our team to facilitate a true end to end service for our client.

Campaign Statistics

Media channels planned, bought and managed 

Impressions delivered

Competition entries


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