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Grocery Shopping

Helping a global FMCG understand shopper behaviours


Create a bespoke training resource which showcases how to effectively engage Millennials across the European market with shopper media. 

Campaign highlight

Fact: Millennials over-index in identifying Discounters (like Aldi, Asda, & Lidl) and Convenience stores (like Spar, Nisa, and Costcutter) as their main supermarket.  After Tesco, Aldi is the second most likely to be their main supermarket (cited by 17% of millennials).  


Initially we conducted in-depth research to gain a deep understanding of 'Millennials' who actually represent 20% of the European population. 

Here we looked to understand their interests including the environment and community as well as any financial priorities and shopper focused attitudes and behaviours.

Once this profile was created, we worked to understand their interaction with media to create specific investment recommendations, alongside media implementation best practices. 

Campaign Statistics

Of millennials use their phone to shop

Average cost of a weekly grocery shop for millenials

Of millennials are more likely to make impulse purchases than other generations 

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