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Effective media pairings

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Michelle Stribley, March 2021

When executing in a shopper campaign, like with all media investment it is important every £ works hard. When building investment plans it is therefore important to understand how unique media opportunities work together – will they complement or perhaps detract impact from each other? Below is an overview of key shopper media pairings which are proving themselves as effective matches.

The following data is based on Lobster’s shopper evaluation work to date which used a robust test vs. control methodology. We have evaluated over £50m of shopper media today and are growing our learning’s month on month.*

Aisle fine & Barkers:

87% of evaluations showed a positive ROI when activating these two media opportunities together. At fixture media offers a strong opportunity for brands to deliver a return on investment as at this stage of the shopper journey brands are influence shopper behaviour directly at the point of purchase and the cost per store of activation is modest.

Digital 6 sheets & Front of Store Displays:

67% of evaluations showed a positive ROI when activating these two media opportunities together. Both media channels are usually fully branded, enabling brands to fully utilise their assets and effectively communicate with shoppers at their start of their mission to store. As front of store displays are stock holding units, these work well to drive sales with more physical stock in the store environment. They also work hard to convert impulse purchases with shoppers in and out of category.

Barkers & In-store Sampling:

Although in-store sampling does not usually generate an ROI, when teamed up with Barkers 67% of evaluations showed a ROI. In-store sampling works hard to engage shoppers, removing any cost-based barrier to trial. While barkers work hard convert shoppers in category once the in-store sampling has directed footfall.

To conclude, when considering what two touchpoints to activate, at fixture media performs strongly due to its ability to influence purchase in aisle and relatively low cost per store however engaging with shoppers at the start of the shopper journey through digital 6 sheets and front of store displays also works well to influence and promote purchase.

*All data accurate as of 01/07/2020, £ Uplift per store, brand level, test & post period.

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