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Activating in Convenience: Core considerations

With value sales in Convenience estimated to achieve 22% growth across 2017-2022* FMCG brands increasingly need to consider the role of Convenience within shopper planning. Below are some core considerations on activating in this space from the Lobster team.

Key opportunities

· Brand ROI – In a recent review of +1,300 AvB shopper media tests across the grocers Co-op, a leading convenience retailer has the third highest trending Brand ROI. Co-op’s media portfolio is an excellent example of the breadth of media opportunities available in convenience, with a range of media available across the shopper journey including at home and post purchase.

· Win at fixture – shelf space in convenience is naturally more limited versus main estate which provides brands a great opportunity to dominate communication at the point of purchase within their category.

· The shopper mission – With a known shopper mission, ‘the convenience shop’ brands can tailor communications to maximise relevancy and impact.

Some challenges

· Brand £ uplift – with convenience stores stocking less skus per brand than main estate stores, the opportunity for media to impact £ uplift at a brand level is limited.

· Restricted space for large format media activations – the smaller size of convenience stores limits the opportunity to land, bold and in-your face media activity. As such, for brands looking to make a splash in convenience increased creativity within planning is needed.

Planning considerations

· Dwell time – considering the short period of time shoppers spend in convenience stores, brands should look to land an impactful, short messages with target shoppers.

· Featured product/s – within convenience favour highlighting more impulsive, single packs versus multi-packs on artwork.

· Journey to store – shoppers on an impulsive mission, for example ‘dinner for tonight’ can be influenced on their journey to store. Consider landing geo-targeted media in proximity to target convenience stores within your campaign.


The convenience mission is in growth and shopper media in convenience is becoming increasingly important for FMCG brands. A bespoke planning approach will be needed to win.

Pam Tasheva

*GlobalData – The UK food and grocery convenience market will grow by 22.0% by 2022

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