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Image by Dor Farber

Reporting performance of permanent in-aisle POS for a leading brand in Impulse.


Understand the performance of permanent in-aisle POS which was executed with both static and dynamic creative; in particular investigate the impact of static and digital creative, seasonality and media attrition over time.

Campaign highlight

Across our evaluation work it came to light that dynamic creative generated a stronger £ uplift per store for the brand in comparison to static creative, however POS with static creative generated a stronger ROI due to the lower cost per store of the media.


We first aligned with our client that due to the ‘always on’ nature of the POS in question, it would be impossible to create matched store pairs, multiple times across the duration of the activity.  Matched store pairs are essential to run a test versus control analysis, our preferred shopper evaluation method due to its ability to strip out any impact on sales aside from the media (POS in this case) in question.

To combat this:


  • No media was activated in a set of stores across the live period of the POS so that these could be used as control stores across evaluation work i.e. our test and control stores were created up-front and remained constant across the analysis period.

  • The focus of evaluation activity was on the POS’s ‘live period’ due to the media being always-on.

Evaluation activity was triggered at 4 moments across the year and 8 evaluations were completed to evaluate the impact of static and digital creative execution.

Campaign Statistics


'Static POS' Brand ROI (Evaluation Burst 1)

Brand £ Uplift ('Static' and 'Digital' POS - Evaluation Burst 1)

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