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We currently offer our proprietary software Plan-Apps in the UK only but other markets can be explored on request. All additional services are available globally. 

“We know that brands in all markets have an increasing need for media performance data to help make better investment decisions in a rapidly evolving commerce landscape. With Plan-Apps, users can transform their commerce marketing with the power to plan, manage and measure campaigns like never before.” 

- Leanne Naughton, Business Director

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Worldwide, we offer our core analytics, consultancy and training services.



We measure the performance of every aspect of a commerce marketing campaign to deliver actionable insight to our clients.

This enables brands to make smarter investment decisions in the future, to deliver an increasing return on investment.




Commerce marketing is changing faster than ever before.

To enable brands to stay ahead of the competition, we support them from the bottom to the top to develop clear, actionable insights and strategies to enable them to deliver more effective commerce marketing campaigns.


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Commerce marketing is still one of the least well-understood disciplines.

Whether it’s about measurement technique, objective-led planning or navigating the complex retail environment, we support commerce marketing teams to learn, grow and adapt to this constantly changing environment.


Key Global Projects to date

With best-in-class data and expert views in the business, Lobster can work to empower teams to make effective, data driven investment choices through tailored training programmes and resources.

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