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Helping a global FMCG talk the power of commerce internationally


In partnership with our client's UK team, highlight the value of commerce as a marketing opportunity across international markets and share key best practice learning from the UK.

Campaign highlight

Our output was delivered as an interactive training programme and developed into resources shared across European markets; bringing consistency in approach and standards across markets.


Across our response we focused on 2 key areas of consultancy:

  • Why Commerce

  • Commerce activation 101

When talking 'Why Commerce' we reviewed commerce media performance vs. common ATL investment opportunities as well as talking more broadly around its power as a negotiation lever with retailer partners; its power to compliment/reinforce ATL and more.

With 'Commerce activation 101' we reviewed a wealth of commerce evaluation output to define priority investment channels as well as best- in-class execution approaches.

Campaign Statistics

more efficient than ATL

'golden rules' defined

commerce evaluations reviewed

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