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Natural Ingredients

 Provide training on today's E-comm landscape for a global health and beauty brand


Create a user-friendly, interactive tool to provide visibility of the total E-comm landscape across the UK grocery market and highlight priority media opportunities.

Campaign highlight

Our output provided our client with a business first tool.  Never before, had such a robust view of E-comm opportunities been leveraged to support investment planning.


To complete this project, Lobster initially embarked on a large-scale research initiative, collating information on all live E-comm opportunities across the top 6 UK grocers.  

Each opportunity noted was input built into an interactive database and was coded against several implementation characteristics including creative flexibility, awareness metrics, targeting ability etc.  

A view of performance against common KPIs was also delivered including click-through rates, CPM and ROI where possible.
Once collated alongside rate card costs and imagery, we reviewed each opportunity and ranked its ability to contribute to x6 common campaign objectives for the brand.

Campaign Statistics

E-comm opportunities tracked

Implementation characteristics coded

Priority opportunities across 6 objectives

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