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Homemade Chocolate Truffles

Facilitating best in class knowledge management for a global confectionary brand


Explore how ‘Knowledge’ has been gathered and managed within a shopper context historically and make recommendations as to how this can be optimised looking ahead.  ‘Knowledge’ here being defined as data, information and insight concerning shopper marketing campaigns and ‘Knowledge management’ meaning the practice of collecting, managing and sharing this information for optimal effect.  

Campaign highlight

We completed 17 unique interviews with colleagues in the business to inform our 'Discovery' phase.  Colleagues interviewed supported a mix of departments that all interacted with Shopper Marketing including Brand, Sales, Shopper and Category.  


We implemented a 3-phase approach across the project: Discovery, Mapping the landscape and Recommendations.  Across each, there was a clear focus on exploring 8 subject areas that were collaboratively defined with the brand.  Discovery: During this phase, we gathered quantitative and qualitative data to inform our analysis and recommendations.   Mapping the landscape: Here we worked to define key observations per subject area and coded whether the practice facilitated Basic, Advanced or Magic knowledge management.  Recommendations:  Findings were documented and recommendations on how to optimise were outlined alongside a view of ease and speed of implementation as well as a business critical code.

Campaign Statistics

Colleague interviews conducted

Aligned project plan created

Key recommendations

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