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Alcoholic Drinks

Enabling a data-led approach to budget allocation for a renowned spirits brand


For one of our key clients, their main priority is to continue growing the value of their portfolio.  Retail Media and activations are levers that can be controlled and influenced, therefore it is essential that the business has a better understanding of how they can allocate this budget to have the greatest impact on sales uplift, and generate healthy return on investment.

Campaign highlight

3 key metrics - driving return, driving sales and driving awareness were analysed with 6 core principles around budget allocation detailed in the project


In response to this exciting brief, we proposed a two pronged approach. Firstly, we’d create a set of guiding principles when it came to budget allocation. This first involved an alignment on selected brand tiers within the portfolio, and crucially, the objectives from which to focus our analysis. From here, we analysed our Plan-Apps data to understand and deliver how considerations like retailer selection, shopper journey & media touchpoints can influence budget allocation for those specific KPI and the brands within those tiers.
The second part of our approach was to build an offline tool for the shopper team to inform campaign budget splits by retailer and shopper journey stage in accordance with the objectives and selected brand tiers in line with the first part of the project.

Campaign Statistics

core grocery retailers - Asda, Sainbury's and Tesco analysed with Co-op also included to provide a lense on convenience

trending ROI on a FSKU level

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