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Understanding how to effectively activate campaigns in a post HFSS worlds


Our aim was to enhance the capabilities across our clients UK Shopper team and empower effective media investment in a new HFSS world. Delivering actionable guidance on how to win at fixture by considering the latest trends in shopper media performance. 

Project highlight

The response provided a thorough and reliable resource for the shopper team to reference and accelerate learnings on changes and recommendations for effective media implementation in a post HFSS world.


Across the offline pack, we focused on our wealth of robust, sales centric media performance data, using this to analyse the performance of touchpoints which will be available to book post HFSS. 


Using this data, we were able to provide recommendations on the strongest performing fixture driving and at-fixture media, reporting on three key metrics throughout, Impressions, £ uplift and Brand ROI. As well as this we shed light on: 


  • Nuances on digital and e-commerce media 

  • Digital innovation at touchpoint 

  • Implementation of features evoking sounds, light and scents

  • The influence of messaging on touchpoint performance 

  • Our catch, connect, close framework 

  • Data messaging performance such as price, competitions and branded and templated media 

Project Statistics

Detailed offline packs with learnings and case studies

Key learnings one pager

In-depth training sessions

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