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Delivering cross-retail campaign planning and management during Covid-19.


To plan, execute and evaluate a cross-retail commerce campaign using a competition mechanic to drive rate of sale, being mindful of Covid-19's influence on shopper behaviour and mindsets. 

Campaign highlight

Post campaign analysis showed a wealth of strong performing media, with 'at fixture' executions generating particularly strong returns (£4.28 ROI, cross retail, brand level).


Initially we reviewed a wealth of 'competition specific' shopper media performance data to determine priority touchpoints to include in the plans - +250 evaluations reviewed.  However, of course realities of the shopper landscape in a Covid-19 world were over-laid.  With shoppers spending the majority of their time in home and actively seeking to minimise in-store browsing, programmatic advertising was heavily weighted within our plans.  Retailer on-site media was also crucial and where we did recommend investment in physical media, 'front of store' and 'at fixture' media was implemented to communicate with shoppers pre-shop - in store queues, and in category at the final point of purchase.

Campaign Statistics

Impressions delivered

Brand level campaign ROI

Penetration growth 

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