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Delivering cross-retail campaign planning and management for a hot chocolate brand


Plan, buy, manage and evaluate a cross-retail shopper campaign to hero an on-pack competition as a stand out communication ever within the hot drinks category.

Campaign highlight

Lobster created all final artwork for the campaign, working hard to ensure our visuals complimented the unique media executed, creating both static and digital artwork to spec.


Within the campaign, we leveraged high awareness, branded channels to maximise the visibility of the brand's on-pack promotion. 

When prioritising media we reviewed 150+ shopper media performance data points relevant to the 'hot drinks' category (150+ evaluations) and looked to understand any restriction on 'competition' messaging across retailer templates.

In addition, we looked to lean more heavily on media which could be activated in line with predetermined weather triggers to increase the relevance of the brand.

Campaign Statistics

channels went live across 5 retailers

Asda brand ROI

in incremental media efficiency unlocked across bookings

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