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Defining how brand maturity shapes commerce investment for a global healthcare business


Empower strong media investment choices via a commerce training programme focused on understanding the relationship between brand maturity and media performance.

Campaign highlight

5 media channels were highlighted as a priority to activate across both NPD and Core focused investment.


To answer this brief, we first worked with our client to align on a pointed set of KPIs to focus our analysis around.  We decided to answer this question by reviewing both NPD and Core activation approaches. Priority KPIs were defined as follows for both:

  • NPD: Impressions, UPM (uplift per thousand impressions) and Ft SKU % uplift

  • Core: Brand ROI, CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and Ft SKU £ uplift/store.

Once aligned, Lobster reviewed a wealth of evaluation output and specifically analysed the following subjects; touchpoints, combinations, retailer, branding, messaging formulations, competition impact and more. Output was delivered by an interactive training session.

Campaign Statistics

evaluations reviewed

KPIs considered

actionable recommendations made

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